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Event: Alternate Sources of Working Capital for Businesses

Technology is impacting everything we do. Keep up to date on the latest in how Fintechs are changing the way businesses...

customer does not pay, collection management

What to Do When a Customer Does Not Pay

A small business owner will inevitably confront the situation where a customer is not paying up, and having to start thinking...

working capital financing

Working Capital Financing for SMEs

Cash Flow and Working Capital Financing All businesses require financing.  You are either financed with capital put into the business by...

small business funding

Small Business Funding – Fintech Leader in Australia | InvoiceInterchange

A census released at the Collab/Collide Summit in Melbourne revealed that the fintech industry in Australia is thriving and growing at...

smes financing

Invoice Financing: The Popular Choice for Today’s SMEs Financing Needs

Invoice financing to raise cash to meet financing needs is becoming the popular choice for SMEs.  Driven by modern internet connectivity...

working capital

Alternative Finance, Working Capital Solution for SMEs

Over the last few years, alternative finance providers in the Asia Pacific Region have exploded in numbers and garnered significant traction...